There are many reasons to watch an anime where the royal tutor teaches the prince. The princes will have a chance to learn from an inspiring character. Heine is the princes’ inspiration. We’re also treated to some awesome super deformed forms, straight out of World of Final Fantasy. The princes will learn about their parents, their siblings, and their past relationships with each other. We’ll also get to know the high steward of Eins, the Count.

Heine is an inspiration to the princes

The anime has created many fictitious characters, including Prince Kai, who wants to thank Heine for his help as a tutor. While his first idea is to make a speech to thank Heine personally, it becomes apparent that he is not able to do it. Luckily, he is rescued by his faithful pet shadow, who brings him comfort and cheers him up.

Heine’s super-deformed form looks straight out of World of Final Fantasy

Heine is not fond of being mistaken for a child and has two faces, a smile and an ugh face. Heine’s super-deformed form looks straight out of World of Final Fantasy, and his sharp eyes provide contrast when he pales in disgust. The other characters in the anime, including Kai and his students, are all cartoon-like and look straight out of an otome game.

Heine makes amends at the end of the episode

Heine’s reminiscences are given with a feeling and a tragic attitude that lends them a fantastic pathos. The episode is a sketch of Heine’s final years. It is interesting to note that the paper Heine wrote is available in Lord Houghton’s Monographs. Nonetheless, this is only a small portion of the overall story.

Count is the high steward of Eins

Count Ernst, the high steward of the kingdom of Glanzreich, is a charming, persuasive young man. He has many reasons to be liked by the princes, and he has been the main obstacle to Eins’s throne. He introduced Bruno to the professor of the country he is from, hoping to study there someday. He is also one of the cousins of Maximilian.

Heine is a thug and a snob

The titular character, Heine Wittgenstein, is a snob and a thug who appears to be hired by the King of Grannzreich to tutor four of his sons. His task is to turn the princes into royalty, and ultimately, into tyrants. He begins by convincing the princes to give him a chance. The princes accept Heine’s approach and learn from him.

Heine is able to make a breakthrough with

When Heine first meets the princes, they act cold and dismissive towards him. Over time, however, they begin to warm up to him and make him the princes’ tutor. The book will show how Heine uses royal tutoring to achieve this goal. Here, we will see how Heine’s unconventional approach to teaching allows him to make a breakthrough with royal tutoring.

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