What is the life of a royal tutor? Heine Wittgenstein was a royal tutor to four princes in Glanzreich. During her career, she lived and worked in the palaces of the princes, teaching their children. Although she was born and raised in a commoner family, her unique skill set helped her to become a royal tutor. But why is she a royal tutor? Why did she choose to work as a royal tutor?

Heine Wittgenstein is a royal tutor

If you’re a fan of anime and manga, then you’ve probably heard about the infamous private royal tutor, Heine Wittgenstein. This man is so brilliant and charming that he commands respect, yet he’s a tad short for a prince. Yet, despite his small stature, Heine has a lot on his plate and must prove himself worthy of the king’s trust.

Heine-sensei is a royal tutor

Heine-sensei is a well-respected royal tutor in the world of Granzreich. He was previously a volunteer tutor at Maria Vetsera church for children. She was rewarded with meals in return for her work. Viktor’s request led her to volunteer as a royal tutor. She explains that she has been hired to ensure the betterment of kvels.

Heine is a palace guard

Viktor, the king’s son, often slipped out of the palace to see how the city was running. One day, he met Heine in the street and they became friends. One day, Viktor and Heine decided to sneak out of the palace and meet. During Harvest Festival, Viktor and Heine sneaked out to see each other, but the guards thought Heine was trying to kidnap him. He took the shot in order to protect his friend.

Heine is a commoner

The book is set in a fictitious town where Heine is a Kvel, a minority in the Granzreich. Although the princes would not normally give a commoner a chance, Heine manages to woo them and form deep bonds with them. In turn, they take him under their wing as a royal tutor. While the princes have their problems, Heine helps them through the process.

Heine is an adult

The story of Heine begins when Viktor, the prince, slips out of the palace during the Harvest Festival. There was an uproar over his disappearance, and troops of guards were sent to search for him. When they found him with Heine, they assumed he was a kidnapper, but when they noticed the royal crest on Heine’s pocket watch, they decided otherwise. Heine was arrested and later became a church tutor.

Heine is an introvert

Heine Wittgenstein is a brilliant man with a childlike stature who becomes the royal tutor for four princes. But the king wants someone who can make the princes into real royalty and tyrants. As a result, Heine is a royal tutor in the making, and he has a very difficult task. In order to accomplish his mission, Heine will have to master the complex personalities of these four young princes and turn them into proper royals.

Heine is a good teacher

In “The Role of the Royal Tutor,” Heine plays a crucial role in the princes’ education. While the princes have traditionally had their teachers at court, Heine demonstrates genuine concern for the princes by dedicating himself to their studies. He is a serious teacher who gives his students life lessons, but his appearance and past remain a mystery. His style of teaching emphasizes getting to know his students first and devises an individual approach for each prince.

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