Is Eins the royal tutor for Viktor? The second prince, the Glaring Prince, is aloof and scary, with rumors that he was once suspended from the military academy for fighting and beating a student who had bullied his brother Bruno. However, despite his reputation, he has soft qualities. He likes soft things, such as Heine, and is the first royal tutor to speak with him. His trouble speaking and naturally sharp eyes make him appear glaring.

Heine Wittgenstein

In this novel, Heine Wittgenstein is the titular Royal Tutor of the Four Princes of Grannzreich. The four princes are very different in temperament and are taught by Heine Wittgenstein. This book will show the challenges that Heine Wittgenstein faces while teaching them. In order to achieve this goal, Wittgenstein must first deal with the royal duties of teaching the four princes.


Viktor is a shoulder-length blond with bangs swept to the side and blue eyes. He looks young, but is actually the eldest son of the Glanzreich king. He takes his duties very seriously, but is fair and clear-headed. His approach to teaching kids shows a fatherly side, but he can also be very strict when needed. This makes him a great royal tutor for his young charges.

Count Eins

In Count Eins is a Victors Son, we see that young princes are often vying for the throne, but they are also good friends who support each other and offer help when necessary. However, there is one prince in particular who has become obsessed with studying alone, Leonhard. After Eines challenges him, he is found randomly blurting out equations, using chalk to write on his brothers, and attempting to learn by himself. Heine tries to cure him by feeding him a piece of torte, but the young prince doesn’t seem to be satisfied with it.

Count Eins’s sister Leiya

CountEins and Leiya have been friends since childhood, but Eins thinks that his sister is a copy and has no memories of him. He doesn’t tell anyone about this until he gets to know the kid and she calls him uncle. The two eventually bond, and Eins is destined to be the royal tutor of his victors son.

Count Eins’s high steward

Count Eins’s high stewar, Ernst Rosenberg, has been responsible for placing many obstacles in the way of four younger princes’ ascent to the throne. The affable and handsome man, always dressed in a top hat, has shoulder-length white hair and narrow, red eyes. Though he appears friendly, Ernst is a cunning manipulator and enjoys teasing his victims.

Count Eins’s brother Ivan

Count Eins has ambitions to become king. He surrounds himself with people who are willing to harm his family for their own gain. This includes his brother Ivan, who is a royal tutor. The royal tutors also have ambitions of their own. This leads to a conflict between Eins and Ivan, who becomes friends with Ivan. Throughout the novel, the two brothers develop an unusual relationship, which will make it very interesting to see unfold.

Count Eins’s high steward Eugene

Count Eins’s high stewar Eugene is a man with a long and varied history. He has been the source of many obstacles to the throne for his nephew. Among his many accomplishments, he introduced Bruno to his cousin’s country, where he wanted to study. His relationship with Bruno is no accident. Eugene was also Bruno’s tutor.

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