So you’ve read about the great Heine Wittgenstein, now you’re wondering, “How many episodes does royal tutor have?” Heine is a high steward of the four princes, teaching them to be better men. While Heine’s plot may sound impressive, it is pretty thin on the ground. And the actors are essentially the same. You may think that this means that the series is a waste of time, but you’ll be glad you did!

Heine Wittgenstein is a royal tutor

In “Heine Wittgenstein is a Royal Tutor,” a brilliant man with a childlike stature is entrusted with the education of four young princes. Despite his brilliant mind and charisma, Heine Wittgenstein finds himself in a difficult situation. He must teach four young princes how to behave properly and become a worthy candidate for the throne. He must also deal with the princes’ four brothers, all of whom are in their own ways challenging him to perform well.

Heine is the high steward of Prince Eins

Is there an official count? It’s not clear yet, but there’s a lot of fan speculation. This series has been on air for over five years, so we’re going to get to know it pretty soon! If the show is any indication, the answer should be somewhere around sixty. However, that may change after the second season. Nevertheless, I think there’s definitely room for more episodes of Royal Tutor.

Heine teaches the four princes

The first book in the series, The Four Princes of Erlend, tells the tale of Heine, the youngest of the four, who goes to school to help his father. Heine tries to make the princes realize their own power and responsibility by teaching them the skills necessary to become a good prince. The four princes are a part of the story as they help the princess save her kingdom from a monster.

Heine’s plot is paper-thin

Heine’s “History of Germany” is a brief and uninspiring account of the underlying intellectual and spiritual conflict in nineteenth-century Germany. Heine describes five distinct phases of German national consciousness. Those phases are the’social’ period, the time of the Nazi regime, the ‘nationalist’ period, and the ‘bourgeois’ period. These periods are not described in the novel, but in the context of Heine’s history.

Heine’s voice actors

The opening and closing themes for the anime and manga feature a group of Japanese voice actors who play Heine. Many of these actors are dressed up as characters in the show or anime, with coloured contacts. In a separate epilogue, a group of boys idols performs a musical number as a tribute to Heine. Although the music isn’t the most memorable part of the anime and manga, it does capture the character’s personality.

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